Nagoya University, Department of Quantum Engineering

Nagoya University is a Japanese national university founded in 1871 and chartered in 1939, and consists of 9 Faculties and 13 Graduate School. The number of academic staffs is about 1,800, and the number of undergraduate and doctoral students is about 16,000. Department of Quantum Engineering is one of 20 departments of Graduate School of Engineering, and characterized by the interdisciplinary department consisting of 7 main groups and 8 collaborative groups from various fields of electrical engineering, applied physics, material engineering, and quantum science and energy engineering.

The research will be carried out at Quantum Nano-device Group (QNDG; This group conducts research related to nanostructure electron devices based on quantum structures and new nanomaterials such as resonant tunnelling devices, quantum dot devices, GaN high-electron mobility transistors, carbon nanotube-based devices, and so on. The current staff includes 1 Associate Professor (Prof. Yutaka Ohno), 1 Assistant Professor (Shigeru Kishimoto), 2 posdoc researchers, 1 PhD student, 10 MS and 4 undergraduate students and has produced 6 PhD theses, more than 160 peer reviewed papers, about 60 invited talks at international conferences and 20 patents.

The group working on TFT applications of SWCNTs in this project consists of 10 persons: Prof. Yutaka Ohno (group leader), Shigeru Kishimoto (device process), and 8 students.

Research is mainly carried out at QNDG of Department of Quantum Engineering. QNDG have sufficient facilities for the material growth, optical characterization, device design, and device process, and device characterization.