Danmarks Tekniske Universitet (DTU)

The Technical University of Denmark (DTU) was founded in 1829, and currently has 7000
undergraduate and Masters students, 700 PhD students, 4500 employees, an annual
turnover of 3.1 billion DKK (€420M) and organizes 21 Bachelor degree programmes, 33
Masters programmes and 4 PhD programmes. It is the leading Technical University in
Scandinavia and is ranked no. 2 in Europe in the field of Science and Technology research.
DTU recently merged with the Risø National Laboratory.

The part of the project which will take place at DTU will be using the facilities at the newly established Center for Electron Nanoscopy (DTU Cen, www.cen.dtu.dk). The centre was
inaugurated in December 2007 and has in the last 5 years grown to a centre with more than
25 employees and students all dedicated electron microscopists. The international research
team includes members from Denmark, Germany, Italy, Japan, Brazil, Iran, Australia,
Greece, Hungary, Great Britain, Romania, and Sweden.

DTU Cen provides access to an extensive range of new transmission and scanning electron
microscopes, including state-of-the-art probe and image aberration corrected FEI Titan
TEMs equipped with monochromators, Tridiem imaging spectrometers, Lorentz lenses and
HAADF electron tomography and off-axis electron holography capabilities. A wide range of
TEM specimen holders allows samples to be examined at temperatures of between 5 and
1300 K and electrical currents to be passed through working devices in situ in the TEM.
One of the monochromated aberration-corrected Titan TEMs is differentially pumped
allowing materials to be monitored in a controlled gaseous environment (up to approx.
10mbar) at an atomic level at elevated temperature (up to approx. 900