Aalto University

Aalto University was established in 2010 from the merger of three Finnish universities: Helsinki School of Economics, Helsinki University of Technology and The University of Art and Design Helsinki. The number of undergraduate and doctoral students is about 20 000. The research will be performed in the School of Science, Department of Applied Physics. Annually over 1200 MSc. and 160 D.Sc.’s graduated from the School of Science, which is ca. 50% of M.Sc. (Tech.) and 60% of D.Sc.(Tech.) degrees in Finland. The Department of Applied Physics, one of the largest departments at Aalto University School of Science, pursues vigorous research activities in the field of physical sciences with important industrial applications and technological potential. Much of the research is focused on condensed-matter and materials physics, on quantum physics and nano-optics, and on advanced energy sciences. According to an independent international Research Assessment, the Department of Applied Physics was acknowledged to be the best out of all 43 departments of the university. The department is currently a host of three ERC grantees (one Advanced and two Starting Grants) and two Finnish Academy National Research Centres of Excellence.

The research will be carried at NanoMaterials Group (NMG, http://physics.aalto.fi/groups/nanomat/). This group conducts research related to gas phase synthesis of carbon nanomaterials. NMG also operates advanced electron microscopes available at the Aalto University (NanoMicroscopy Center, NMC). The current staff includes 1 Professor (Prof. Esko I. Kauppinen), 3 senior research fellows, 3 postdoctoral researchers, 4 PhD students, and has produced 15 PhD theses, more than 200 peer reviewed papers and 18 patents.

Prof. Esko Kauppinen is a Tenured Physics Professor at the Department of Applied Physics leading the NanoMaterials Group. He is one of the world’s leading authors in carbon nanomaterial synthesis, properties and applications. He is currently coordinating and has coordinated research projects with cumulative budget over 10 MEUR. His Hirsch index (H-index) is 31, with total citations in excess of 3748. Prof. Kauppinen has published more than 310 international articles, 3 handbook chapters, and ca. 23 patents (Espacenet). He has given 65 invited and plenary talks in various scientific meetings; 140 seminars at universities, research institutes and company laboratories. Chair: NT13 (Conference on the Science and Applications of Nanotubes; http://www.nt13.org), June 23-29th, 2013, Espoo, Finland. Member of the International Scientific Advisory Committee: 10 various conferences (e.g. PARTEC 2004 and 2007 International Congress for Particle Technology, NT07, NT10, NT11, NT12).